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Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
Coldlight, Kogetsu, and Sol Falling - Thank you all for your feedback.

I'm glad that the immediate results of "Mami Lives!" worked well for you, Sol. Like yourself, I think it makes sense for Homura to take advantage of the situation to make a compelling argument to Madoka, while Mami's insecurities would come bubbling to the surface big-time after needing Homura to save her.

Now I'm going to once more ask people for specific feedback (this will probably be the last time I do this). This narrative is going to start branching out a lot now. There's the obvious main split of "Mami Lives" vs. "Mami Dies", and for each of those two main splits there will be different romance routes and also potential different routes when it comes to questions like "Will Madoka become a magical girl? Will Sayaka?".

In order for me to keep it all straight in my mind, I now intend to write two diverging sets of chapters - Chapter 7 on for "Mami Dies", and Chapters for a "Mami Lives" fanfic extension off of the first six chapters.

This can be formatted one of two ways:

1. I alternate between the two main diverging routes. In other words, I would make one update devoted entirely to the "Mami Lives" route and the update after that one will be devoted entirely to the "Mami Dies" route, and I would keep going back-and-forth between the two.

2. Each update I put up would be split in half with a thick bold red line highlighting the split. The top half would be devoted to "Mami Dies" route, while the bottom half is devoted to "Mami Lives" route. So you'd get some of each different main route for each update.

Which of the two formats would readers prefer?
i vote for 2
but it seem that finding artwork for the VN will get much hader for Mami Live routes. that why i think we should go for wikitan visual novel style (dialog boxes and sprites denoting the speaker). it would be much easier to do the VN. the problem here is we still don't have an artist to do so
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