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There's multiple factors to look at. One, does "Mami Lives!" lock onto the Mami Route or will other routes still be accessible through it? Two, will two normal-length updates fit within a single post, assuming you intend on going through with that? Three, if this is a Mami Route exclusive branch, will you be able to continue doing this once you reach the points where other story branches occur? Four, how much easier would it be to write these as separate updates?

Please keep in mind that I'm not actually expecting responses to those questions, I'm just giving these as examples of what to think of. If you want, you can go ahead and answer the ones you'd feel comfortable answering.

Anyway, while it may seem inelegant at first, I would actually suggest going with format 1 to avoid complications down the line. However, whichever you go with, I would suggest considering spoiler tags for future updates, even if it's just to simulate the VN approach you're taking.
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