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I seriously believe that Manchester United should do what Bayern Munich did in the early 2000s when they stopped recruiting local prospects while aiming at several foreigners to make the backbone of their 2001 Champions League-winning squad (Sagnol, Lixarazu, Kuffour, Hargreaves, Andersson, Giovane, Salihamidzic, etc.). Whether people approve this way of doing or not, Bayern's signing of several foreigners forced the DFB to radically change the way to teach younger players in Germany. As a result, German football as a whole improved a hell lot to be what they are today.

So far, City, Arsenal and Chelsea stopped recruiting English players, but not much has changed in the FA system. However, if Manchester United (the big cheese of English football) comes out in the future and openly stops recruiting English players, it should be the arlarm signal the FA needs to change their ways. I know what I propose here (stop recruiting English among top PL teams) will rub a few feathers among British members here and I'm sorry if it offends some, but I strongly believe that the only way to change things with England is for clubs to take such radical measures. It's about doing one bad thing with the purpose of bringing greater good further down the road.
I am not English but let me share my point of view: I don't think that not recruiting any English players while recruiting foreigners is going to solve any problem, it might even make things worse.

The young players won't learn anything because youth academies do not work along with the first teams, and only a couple of youngsters are usually integrated during the first team's practice, or only during certain times of the year (during summer, or during the winter break)

If you want to grow better youngsters you need to have good youth coaches, there's no other way around. Sure, having an influential figure in the first team acting as a role model to learn from is a good thing but don't expect it to work like that because the youth squads spend most of their time training on their own and playing against other youth teams. The majority of the work in the developement of a young player will always be done by the staff that works within the academy.

Mind you I am telling you this because I work in one of these academies myself (I'll let you guess which one), I know how young prospects get developed.

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