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- But, the most important reason, again in my very own opinion, was because our forwards were two first strikers. Not having Vucinic (or Giovinco) being able to start because of injuries/fintess hurt us really really bad.

While both Vucinic and Giovinco are not tipical scorers, the reason why Conte usually likes to play with two support strikers upfront is exactly to respond to the opponent man-marking Pirlo. Other teams in the current season have tried to seal Pirlo's plays and the answer to that relies in the use of Bonucci and the two support strikers as an alternative link during the offensive phase. If any of you have watched other Juventus' games, you might have noticed that when Vucinic and/or Giovinco are playing, one of the two draws back near the midfield, gets the ball while letting both midfield and wingers move forward near the penalty area, eventually starting a serie a of short range passes between each other. This is one of the reasons why Juventus, despite lacking a real bomber upfront, has managed to score so many goals so far, because everyone is brought near the penalty area making any player into a potential threat.

This is what lacked vs Bayern. Matri and Quagliarella are not capable of doing what Vucinic or Giovinco do, since they're first strikers who prefer to attack forward "on the run" rather than falling back to let the whole team move the barycenter upfront. Given that Bayern was man-marking Pirlo and pressing Bonucci, everytime the ball was handed to Matri he was unable to hold it (thanks also to Van Buyten sticking close to him).

The moment Vucinic and Giovinco both joined in Juventus' game gradually started flowing again. It was too late though and I can't blame Conte since Vucinic was recovering from a flu and Giovinco wasn't fully fit either because of that almost career-ending foul he suffered by Cambiasso's hands (or rather feet) last Saturday.
Thanks for the insights from the Juventus perspective, it's very interesting.

One question, don't you think Conte would have started with at least one prima punta like Matri regardless of Vucinic and Giovinco's match fitness? I can imagine he wanted to sit deep and break (like against Celtic away) although Bayerns early goal made that less appealing.

Juventus has imo the best defensive unit of the remaining teams in the CL, but too bring the center of gravity of the team forward during attacks would require a high defensive line to keep the lines compact for the passing game. That seems awfully risky against teams like Bayern that have serious speed up front.
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