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Originally Posted by night_sentinel View Post
A human went into an abandoned storehouse when suddenly a creepy crawly cockroach land beside her.

Human: (scared) cockroach?!!!

Cockroach : (also scared) Wtf? A human!

Human: (Takes a broom and starts to try to randomly try to squash the cockroach who is slowly approaching creepily ) Don't come near me, Don't come near me, Don't come near me...

Cockroach: (sees the shadow of the broom wielding human... Panics... and tries to desperately avoid the blows) I'm going to die, I'm going to die, I'm going to die....

Human: (finally managed to hit cockroach but came out scared of the experience) I almost got bitten by the scary cockroach - it moves so fast I was sure it was going to attack me. This place is scary, I'm never going to go in here again.

Cockroach (managed to survive a hit) Oh God! what a monster! What will I do when the demon returns! I'm going to die for real!

Lol... Just substitute Saki for human and Kyouko for cockroach. Well you get the picture.
This is all very well, but there were two scary monsters in the form of Toyone and Kasumi sitting at the table and Saki instead chose to get frightened by Kyouko, a girl who we earlier saw getting flattened by Toyone. Now maybe Kyouko has some super power that only Saki is aware of, but right now and based on what we've seen Saki's reaction doesn't make a lot of sense.
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