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Originally Posted by JW1 View Post
This is all very well, but there were two scary monsters in the form of Toyone and Kasumi sitting at the table and Saki instead chose to get frightened by Kyouko, a girl who we earlier saw getting flattened by Toyone. Now maybe Kyouko has some super power that only Saki is aware of, but right now and based on what we've seen Saki's reaction doesn't make a lot of sense.
I think that Saki is actually really scared of all of her opponents on the table not just Kyouko and if anyone else advanced she'll probably be worried about them too. Beside, she didn't actually say that Kyouko is the most powerful in the table; she used the term "persistent" to describe Kyouko which I think described Kyouko perfectly. Kyouko after all tried her best even when she is getting stomped by her opponents in the match - she kept revising her strategy and didn't give up.

Anyway, I do agree that there is slight possibility that Saki may have seen the hidden potential of Kyouko when her eyes go glowy. Though, that would mean another ability that Saki has in addition to what is already confirmed.

If Saki can actually do that, it at least gives some justification to why Saki keep on overestimating her opponents. It also have a nice parallelism to Teru --- Teru's eyes sees the present or current strength of her opponent while Saki's eye see their potential or their future strength.

Beside that it fits their name motifs "Shining" and "Blooming" respectively.
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