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lso if they are clones, it could be a possibility that Hades is a previous clone of Sengoku
Glad I'm not the only one who think of that. Well to be fair, that thought only came across my mind this morning, so you could say I'm pretty late at speculating things However, after some thinking, there's still this one confusing moment in the first chapter that makes me think that this is not entirely the case. It's the part where the flying invicible beak (bird?) hit the plane... it's strongly hinted that they all got into time slips

This might sounds stupid but.. what if that it's only Sengoku who experienced the time slip and everyone else is a clone? I mean, it seems that he's the only one who has the memories of that thing appeared. It could also be the reason why he's separated from the rest of them at the beginning, thought it will means that there are others too who experienced time slip beside him

Though it doesn't explain why you would have clones start off on an airplane.
There's one big problem about that though. If they're a clone, why would they have any memories on what happened during airplane trip? oh wait, does anyone beside Sengoku has it?

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