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Supposedly, some people were put off my Microsoft's brash marketing, which had them looking like an invasive foreign force. That's one criticism leveled against MS anyway.

the xbox 360 mainly has games that never really appealed to the Japanese, such as violent FPS games and such.
There are several (heavily marketed) Japanese-oriented games that haven't taken off. Only the most hardcore gamers have given the X360 a chance. Since MS needs to attract a mainstream audience, visual novels won't help them (else the NEC PC-FX might've survived :lol. These games occupy an even smaller niche and are generally unappealing to both mainstream and hardcore gamers.

In general, neither Japanese developers/publishers (whose games aren't selling well enough to accommodate such high production costs) nor consumers are ready for next-gen gaming. I think that's why XBox360 and PS3 have both struggled. Without publisher commitment, a market can't open up.
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