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Originally Posted by frubam View Post
They need DLC that changes the new Dante into the model of the older young Dante(i.e. Dante from DMC3). Sales will double.
I think this will be a given dlc, probably. But it would suck alot seeing the original look of Dante is doing stuff that is very out of character with the new Donte/DINO.

Cashcom is doing day 1 dlc that are in the disc already. Sven from Crapcom mentioned that they might change their dlc, but still discussing. lol laughable.

Hear say says Cashcom didn't wanna compete with MGR. Heck we all know what will happen if DmC VS MGR happens.

Spoiler for nsfw:

Off Topic.

Another cashcom game is Steel Battalion Heavy Armor for the Xbox360 Kinect.

Dunno if it's gonna be that responsive. You'll be piloting a tank and killing people by your hands in a tank or hand to hand.

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