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I really love Megumi. I really do. Whenever her heart goes doki doki for Nadeshiko, I just want to hug her because her chances of being Nadeshiko's girlfriend are decreasing with every chapter. She's such an adorable, masochistic girl. ( And she reminds me of myself, a masochistic reader of Oomuro-ke...I hate the way namori teases us, but I kinda enjoy it, too ;___; )

Miho on the other hand, seems like the most likely choice now. I think that before this chapter, everyone already wrote her off - but she's made an impressive comeback this week. I personally don't like her at all, so I sure hope she isn't Nadeshiko's girlfriend. But I don't want to see her paired off with Megumi either ("pair off the spares", with NadeshikoxAi and MihoxMegumi) because I like Megumi even more than Nadeshiko, so there's no way I want to pair her off with Miho ^^;

One thing makes me hopeful: Chapter 3 seems to have "promoted" Ai, chapter 6 Miho. Knowing what a troll/tease namori can be, should we expect lots of delicious MegumixNadeshiko teasing in chapter 9?
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