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Originally Posted by tezu View Post
I really love Megumi. I really do. Whenever her heart goes doki doki for Nadeshiko, I just want to hug her because her chances of being Nadeshiko's girlfriend are decreasing with every chapter. She's such an adorable, masochistic girl. ( And she reminds me of myself, a masochistic reader of Oomuro-ke...I hate the way namori teases us, but I kinda enjoy it, too ;___; )

Miho on the other hand, seems like the most likely choice now. I think that before this chapter, everyone already wrote her off - but she's made an impressive comeback this week. I personally don't like her at all, so I sure hope she isn't Nadeshiko's girlfriend. But I don't want to see her paired off with Megumi either ("pair off the spares", with NadeshikoxAi and MihoxMegumi) because I like Megumi even more than Nadeshiko, so there's no way I want to pair her off with Miho ^^;

One thing makes me hopeful: Chapter 3 seems to have "promoted" Ai, chapter 6 Miho. Knowing what a troll/tease namori can be, should we expect lots of delicious MegumixNadeshiko teasing in chapter 9?
So your idea is the 3, 6, 9, 12 chapter format where Namori keeps rotating sisters? Not sure if I understand correctly, isn't this spin-off supposed to end with final episode of Yuruyuri♪♪ meaning there should be only 12 chapters right?
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