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Originally Posted by Blackbeard D. Kuma View Post
^ Yes. I eagerly await that someone's reply .

So, SOGESNAKE, would you say this game is enough of an upgrade/update to be considered a sequel? It looks great, but it still doesn't quite suffice for the package I'm looking for. Hopefully, Pirate Warriors 3 will deliver that.
Honestly.... the game itself is a huge step up from the first game in terms of gameplay, mechanics, characters and such... I wouldn't exactly say it's one of the better games out there. Sure, if you enjoyed the first game.... you'll most likely really enjoy the game... but the game I don't believe would be something "SUPER AMAZING" that completely redeems the first game. I'd definately recommend watching a playthrough if your not entirely sure of the game itself just to see the story.

Originally Posted by marvelB View Post
But honestly, I'm a little disappointed that Caesar doesn't seem to be a boss in this game despite Punk Hazard even being a stage here. I'd also would have at least expected Hody Jones to make it as a boss, as well. I'd especially think that would be fitting since the anime changed Hody from the near-total fodder he was in the manga to some Lucci-level fighter who was somehow able to keep up with Luffy in Gear 2 mode, and - heaven forbid - actually gave him some trouble during their battle! I STILL find it hilarious how Toei completely missed the point of that fight (Hody was NEVER supposed to be a serious threat for Luffy, lol).

Sooo... it IS also alittle weird, cause they're ARE enemy models based off the hazmat suit guys from Punk Hazard as enemies... and as for Hody...

Spoiler for Ending spoilers:
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