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So, I've finally gone and beaten the "Dream Story" for the game... unlocked all the characters, and tried them all out abit.... Sooooooooooooo....

Spoiler for Remainer of Story from where I left off (SPOILERS):

Sooo... all in all, an alright story. Something I'd expect from a "Dream Story" no doubt. Guess they somewhat made up for the lack of Fishman Island/Punk Hazard by having the finishers from each put into the endings. All in all... if you didn't like the first game or it didn't impress you... I really don't think this game will change your opinion. However, if you DID like the first game... then I'd definately recommend this game, as they've fixed ALOT of the gameplay problems from the first.

I had said before that from the characters I'd played, Smoker was my favourite of the new ones.... having played them all now... my current favourite is probably now between Blackbeard (with both fruits) and Garp. Blackbeard cause... well, it's Blackbeard with both powers... as for Garp, I expceted him to be a powerhouse like Whitebeard, but god... I didn't expect his moveset to be so.... THAT powerful.

Enemies that sometimes take 4-5 hits to kill with characters like Akainu or Ace, Garp just decimates in 1-2 hits with either one of his wrestling moves, or just his normal punches. On another note... characters I figure that are gonna take awhile to get used to their styles are Eneru and Marco. Eneru mostly cause he has a Voltage Meter that builds with certain attacks, and is used to power up some of his moves... like his 30,000,000 Volt Hino will turn to 40,000,000 Volt Kiten, or at max will turn to 60,000,000 Volt Julungul. Marco on the other hand.... his moveset is kinda... everywhere. What I mean is, you push triangle once, and he's already flying forwards doing zig zags and flips. He's fantastic for attacking groups of enemies... unfortunately, since he's all over the place most of the time... it's hard to hit a single boss most of the time. On the other side, both his specials regenerate his health, so I guess it's VERY hard to die using Marco~
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