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^ Each character has their own Style Action (Luffy enters Gear 2nd, Sanji uses Diable Jambe, etc), which powers up your attacks for about.... 30 seconds (depending on what level your character is at). If you manage to defeat a certain amount of enemies, OR defeat a boss before it wears out, you can activate a Partner Strike. Pretty much what that does is switch you to your Partner (by linking 2 special attacks together, an example being Franky using Coup de Boo to launch enemies up, where you'll switch to Luffy to use Jet Rocket to launch the enemies away), and you'll fight as your partner for about 30 seconds. While your playing as your partner.... your attack is up, and your invulnerable. Sooo... pretty much you play as a different character for abit depending on which partner you chose at the start of the mission. When you choose characters like Moria, Ivankov, Vista, Jozu, etc who aren't actually playable, when you activate the Partner Strike, all they do is a somewhat more powerful special attack before switching back to your main character.

(Skip to 2:00 in the video for Partner Strike)

Unfortunately for Vista and Jozu... their Partner Strike's aren't very.... original. Vista's just being some generic sword swings, while Jozu's is a single Brilliant Punk forward. I probably should point out that through the Model Viewer in Gallery Mode, you can actually view character's performing their moves and such.... and looking at Vista/Jozu.... Vista's entire moveset is about 4-5 moves, all directly from pre-timeskip Zoro's moveset (Oni-Giri/108 Pound Cannon, only with rose petals flung everywhere), and his special being Rose Rondo (firing Roses forward). Jozu's moveset is aboutr 3-4 generic club strikes, while his 2 specials being Brilliant Punk, and Dispersion Impact (the iceburg throw).
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