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haha I imagine when they grow up a bit, the biggest obstacle to dating Himawari is getting by the siscon (well in my own headcanon for now at least) Big Brother even LOOK at her affectionately and Boruto is going to be on you to see if you have ANY ill intention for his sister, he's the Prince of all Hyuuga afterall!

As for Boruto being smarter, while I could see this somewhat (afterall Naruto had to study all by himself) I imagine Boruto will have a private Hyuga tutor or something, I still want to see him kinda dense and ignorant, maybe not to Naruto's levels cause I imagine the elitist of the class is gonna be Salade (she is the daughter of two VERY intelligent geniuses afterall) continuing the revivalry between Dobe and Teme of course

Thinking about it, I wouldn't mind seeing Himawari turn out to be a natural prodigy and Boruto needing to work a bit harder for his we can see Boruto beginning to learn how to climb a tree with his chakra, only to look up and see Himawari already sitting up on a higher branch lol
I view Boruto and Salada being like Harry and Hermione in their skills. Both very strong in their own way. Salada has the knowledge and ability to learn and use any Jutsu put in front of her because of her natural intellect with some help from the Sharingan. Bolt is less knowledgeable but like Harry has the skills and reflexes to put them to much better use. He has far better senses for battle than Salada has.

and I took would love to see that of Himawari. Things Bolt and Salada struggle to learn she learns swiftly but is too carefree to really care much about it lol.
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