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Originally Posted by Levani View Post
I just want them to try something new and not repeat old plots and Naruto tropes.

It's a fresh start, we need innovation, originality, stuff that can not only appeal to old fans but the new as well. The only thing I'm interested right now is the fact that Boruto called Naruto "Kuso-yaji".
fair enough but as I mentioned this is a mini series that's only going to last a few months, even if he wanted to start a completely clean slate Kishimoto doesn't have THAT kind of time to satisfactory make up completely new things and character traits for everyone without making it sound lacking (I mean he had 15 years to do Naruto consider how lot less time he has now), hence the need to recycle, this is also a sequel its supposed to be MORE for the original fans, and just because he's using things that appeals to old fans does not mean there won't be anything for new fans, cause lets face it why are new fans starting off on the sequel mini series? I say we shouldn't knock it till we see what comes out of it first
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