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Though here's a question I have...I wonder if he can do the Lion's Fist? Imagine combining techniques of his parents! Like using the Lion's fist and comnining it with the Rasengan! Lol
Months ago , i gave some thoughts about Boruto signature skill , along with Himawari .

One time , i had an idea about Himawari being very good at close quarter combat by using clones and her ability to remember all chakkra point without the help of Byakugan , Boruto being mostly mid range skill user , need a skill that can overpower anyone at close range , at the expense of most of his chakkra , the idea is that Hinata 's protection of 64 palms , but replace chakkra blade with chakkra flow , just like Rasengan , the result is instead of cutting / deflect the opponent , the chakkra will hit his opponent multiple times right at the enemy chakkra point to the point that it will completly be destroyed beyond recover .

As for Lion fist , if Boruto happens to have lighting element , it will be a devastate close range attack now that it not only drain the chakkra , but also shock and burn the enemy to ash .
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