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Originally Posted by SaintessHeart View Post
Sorry I was lagging like hell today after 12am. I want whatever the ISP nightshift workers are smoking.

Anyway I don't think all the maids are Navis, when Nami left the crowbar on the floor was stained with something that looks like brain fluid. Either that or the Navi bleed potato juice.

i'd like some of those too.


potatoes have juice in them? i thought they're just very dry ground apples that taste like blank(until you add salt)
/end off topic

if there was brain fluids on the floor, the nami just killed 2 of her maids. i mean cmon, no one was around when she did it. those maids are good as dead.
was there really brain fluid/potato juice? anyone have screenshot for them? i couldn't see from the sites i watch raw/chinese subs due to low quality.

if they're NAVI maids, then i can explain and say those are hydrolic fluids. i mean maid droid are still robots, and fluids are needed for movement to be similar to humans.

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