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Originally Posted by Jiyuu View Post
Spoiler for manga:
Not possible, unless they intend to pull the story out of their arses (which lets face it is more probable than them following the manga)

Season 2 of the manga has really only just started, and it's going slow.

Tsukune should be GAR by now, however given the number of epiosdes out, and the number in the season, it's impossible for them to turn it around and do the series justice anymore. They cut out some of the really important bits of the manga, and left in some dross that frankly was only their to fill the desire of the ecchi fans. They've basically thrown out the story and gone for 'how many boobs and panties can we show', alone with 'how to make tsukune even weaker'.

Sure they could do a serious second season, however the damage has been done. Out of curiosity i asked a few people from other boards and blogs about what they though, only a few of them are still watching, and amost all of them said they wouldn't bother with a second season.

You could have the greatest second season in the world, but if you've lost your viewers because of a shite first season it's 10x as hard to get them back to watch the new season.
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