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Originally Posted by Tiamat's Disciple View Post
Sure they could do a serious second season, however the damage has been done. Out of curiosity i asked a few people from other boards and blogs about what they though, only a few of them are still watching, and amost all of them said they wouldn't bother with a second season.
You have to ask yourself one question though, why would they even go about doing a first season like this, and save all the good material for a second season? It's just one of the reasons why i can't see a second season happening.

It is a huge shame that we're not seeing the manga animated, though that doesn't mean i'm not enjoying the anime. It can be pretty fun at times, and i just love the narration by Koyasu and him voicing the lol bat.

You could look at it this way --- the anime should have more people interested with checking out the manga.
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