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Update on the Mumbai attacks. As of now (1640 GMT, Nov 27), CNN estimates 125 deaths and more than 300 wounded. The Indian security forces are apparently preparing to make a final attack on the attackers in the Oberoi-Trident hotel.

The assailants call themselves the Deccan Mujahideen, a previously unheard of group. The men are of South Asian appearance and reportedly speak Hindi, indicating they originated in India. More interestingly, it appears that Indian security forces have captured at least one of them, so we may be getting more details on who these people really are, and more importantly, where they've launched their attacks from.

The language that Indian Prime Minister Mamohan Singh has been using is itself interesting. He has said that the attacks originate from a neighbouring country (contrary to what security forces on the ground are saying, see above paragraph), but stopped short of naming just which country that is. Of course, everyone knows he is referring to Pakistan, but it's still early days, so India is taking care to not point fingers without strong evidence.

For its part, Pakistan has already strongly condemned the attacks, and promises to do whatever it can to tackle "a common enemy", not just of India and Pakistan, but of the world.

It is also important to note that Pakistan is not the only possible origin of the attacks. Other militant groups hostile to India are known to operate from Bangladesh.

People are understandably asking if Al-Qaeda is involved. So far, no such signs. It's more likely, however, that the immediate impetus is domestic, rather than international. Indian parliamentary elections are ongoing at the moment, so these attacks may have been deliberately planned to disrupt the process. At the very least, they have as good as shut down Mumbai, the financial hub of India, so that in itself will most certainly affect the rest of the country.
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