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No new stuff yet. I just wanted to comment on some pictures that people did of Kairin. I never got around to it (until now) so sorry about the long wait!

Edit: Images removed because the external hosting service was "upgraded" in Jan 2014.
This means the images were deleted. What remained here would only serve as an advert so has been removed.

I must say that you chose a very difficult pose but managed to pull it off pretty nicely. I like the way her hand is resting over her head. Looks nice like that. Also, the hair is well done too. One thing that sticks out is some proportion stuff. The ears are a bit too high and the hands are too small. Learning how to draw those things really does come from practising. I hope to see more of your work (why don't you post more? ).


I really like how this one feels. Kairin's face looks great and I love the little bell earrings. This is one of those pictures that would look better if it were coloured. Maybe if you don't mind I could "redo" it sort of and colour it.

Nice work!

EDIT: Oh btw, although the picture on the main page doesn't bother me...It would seem that a lot of people don't like it as much as I do (which sucks considering the time I put into it) so if the mods want to, they can replace it with chibi Kairin when I get around to doing it (shouldn't be too long...hopefully). Ironic isn't it. The picture I liked the most ended up being one that most people just gave a "meh" feeling to. =/
Thank you to those that did/do enjoy the picture. It makes me feel like I'm not wasting my time by doing them.

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