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Originally Posted by Papaya View Post
I can't believe GSP lost to Serra either. He looked like his mind wasn't there at all (then again, that's his excuse for it too--problems with his training crew, which he fired after the fight). Anyways, he balled on Hughes, so I'm pretty happy about that. If there's anyone in the Welterweight division I hate, it's Hughes.

Here's my worst of 2007 list:
-CroCop getting his ass (err, head) kicked by a nonamer, definitely NOT living up to his hype
-"I'm here for entertainment value" Quinton Jackson actually winning fights--and it's sad because it's hard to tell if it's just the UFC's bad competition, or Jackson actually getting his game together
-Fedor not signing up to the UFC, and Randy quitting the UFC for that reason. Fedor hasn't fought someone worthwhile for the last... what... year? Two years? That old Fedor vs Randleman fight was one of the craziest I've ever seen.
-Silva vs Liddell... been looking forward to this one forever. Where was the knockout? The submission? Fuck, where was Silva? He fought like an amateur. No muay thai whatsoever. Not a SINGLE clinch. Can't remember if there was even a knee. Terrible fight. Good thing GSP vs Hughes was there to save the night.
Yeah GSP's head definately wasn't in it. Honestly I can't wait for GSP to dominate Serra. Honestly I don't think Serra is that good a fighter.

I wanted Lidell to win so bad when Jackson fought him. Jackson's a good fighter but I just can't stand that arrogance. God I can't wait till someone knocks him off his damn high horse.

Yeah, I think it's been about 2 years since Fedor fought anyone worthwhile. I think I heard Randy was talking about fighting Fedor in October once his contract is up. Hopefully though, the UFC will stop being such jerks about the contract.

Yeah, that definately wasn't Silva's best showing. He threw like what, 2 kicks the entire friggin' thing? Lack of clinching, no knees. It was more like a boxing match than anything else.
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