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Originally Posted by Cyz View Post
I have a question. Did Rubi, by any chance, fell in love over Tsukune too?
More that he changed her outlook on humans and well guess life in general(isn't that what main protagonists do?)

I'm actually hoping she does kinda fall for him as I can then say "WOW the little bugger is bloody lucky!" this is one of my fav if not fav harems I've come across.
Honestly can't be mad maybe a little jealous that he's assembled such a awesome harem, really gotta hand it to the guy

and also I succumbed to the urge and went and read chapter 1 of the 2nd season. Now I don't really like doing that type of thing skipping stories but couldn't help myself.
All I can say is LOL(btw this chapter is the reason this is one of my fav harems)
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