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Yay, OST time! Better late then never!

1. Dedicated to the birds - Normal everyday life. Nothing out of place.
2. Flower of life - Montage theme, usually the school festival.
3. The place I met you - Climatic romance theme. Instantly liked it when it played on the walk to school during episode 1.
4. Dog and flowers - There's shenanigans afoot!
5. After the shower - Another favorite romance theme. Plays right before Haruka's confession.
6. Secret motion - Carefully now Junichi.
7. She's walking with flowers - Haruka's theme.
8. The distance - A wistful look at the past. For good or bad.
9. You are so sunshine - A glamorous outing.
10. Melody of a lachrymal gland - Another sad theme, though I can't place where it plays.
11. Elephant dance - Wacky jokes galore.
12. The first feeling - Beautiful. Used for romance primarily.
13. Glamorous switch - Have I mentioned how attractive the girls are yet? This song will let you know.
14. Swimming in the night air - Junichi's confession to Kaoru, right after hers.
15. Her heart is jumping around - Kaoru's theme.
16. Close encounters of the third kind - Suspense theme. Even though I'm sure they only ever used 5 seconds of it.
17. Girl's talk - As the title says.
18. Cabbage's tears - "I've never fallen this deeply in love with someone. It's the first time I've ever wanted to keep someone for myself." Oh Haruka.
19. A beautiful lie - True Tsukasa revealed. Also Rise's reveal.
20. A crescent moon in the daylight - Ai hot spring tension.
21. After all - I'm pretty sure this one was never used.
22. A labyrinth of love - Another wacky joke theme.
23. Green tea for two - The tea club is in session.
24. Perspective of a toy poodle - A fun date for all involved
25. Stand up! My soul! - It's an exciting rock theme! And they probably only used it once for a couple seconds!
26. The reincarnation of Queen - Foul trespassing mortals! Prepare to receive the curse of my ancient kingdom!
27. The heartbeat you never know - Another wistful past theme.
28. Orange clover - Everyday exciting life.
29. Rose drawn in sumi - Someday boss. I will leave you behind in the ways of love. Umehara is a bro.
30. Remember today - End of the day wind-down.
31. A little bird on my hand - Sae's theme
32. Thousands of miracles - Pretty sure this is another school festival montage theme.
33. My blue galaxy - "So I wouldn't be late for the date she finally agreed to, I arrived at the meeting place an hour early. Maybe it was because it was Christmas, but the place was full of couples. The fact I was waiting for someone like everyone else made me happy. That was Christmas, two years ago. She never showed up for the date."

Also, no Ai, Rihoko, or Tsukasa themes.

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