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well if we put it in another light....

Heracles was a hero yet his only experience was taking on the challenges, most notably, ripping the Nemean Lion apart without even using a blade.

THIS berserker is a knight, and I know who in the world he is (sorry but if I touch on that subject, a mod carrying Enkidu will probably arrive). he has skill to be a swordsman but I think he can match Gilgamesh in terms of combat prowess: Gil can throw his weapons and the direct opposite of him, Berserker can simply hold it and it becomes his for the duration in his hand. if hypothesis is correct, if you throw an A class polearm, lets say a naginata, at him and he picks it up, the A class weapon is his to hold as long as it doesnt dissipate.
If your hypothesis is correct, that only means that Zero Berserker... definitely cannot defeat Herakles.

Zero Berserker's ability to wield other NPs and presumably use them to the level of the weapon requires him to have access to those weapons... Only 2 Servants actually has that kind of access... Gilgamesh and FSN Archer.

Thus meaning that in a straight-up battle between Berserkers without Gil or Archer deciding to just leave their weapons around, Zero Berserker wouldn't be able to damage Herakles, and can at best, run him round with superior skill, but insufficient destructive power.

Originally Posted by ZeKeR View Post
I'm quite surprised Gil didnt take out Ea or bind that knight with Enkidu.
Gilgamesh wasn't even close to being serious against Berserker, he was just being mad as fuck as arrogant. He clearly thinks Berserker as a hero way way way way below his class and it made him mad as hell he was forced to even open his Gate bigger, from his parting words.

Full-Stream GoB, Ea and Enkidu are his when he's actually taking things seriously... as in like almost never.
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