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Originally Posted by Ozuma-Rii View Post
Excuse me while I try to find Kawamori's email...

And while I go hang myself over you thinking that the movies and the TV are the same continuity.
TV series ending was non-conclusive, which was frustrating because the romance aspect of the series was played up so much to the detriment of most other sides of the show. Still Sheryl and Alto where living together at the point of time, most Ranka fans where shitting on Kawamori before the final episode aired, since the "ending" was so obvious. The compare it to say a duel in an MMO... (been watching Sword Art, holla @ me Team Asuna) it was like a one sided contest had no winner because the servers went down before the final blow could be delivered. Yeah it was obvious who was winning but there was no notification... and hence no winner. Though I guess you could say the Movie was the rematch.... Game, Set, Match, Sheryl.

And relentlessflame, for all of our sanity we shall not be as rabid as a certain Ranka fan was once. I do not mean Kags.
Shoutouts to BleachOD using my reverse jinx as a basis for why Ranka should've won on in this movie even though I've never seen either of the Frontier movies.
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