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Originally Posted by Westlo View Post
TV series ending was non-conclusive, which was frustrating because the romance aspect of the series was played up so much to the detriment of most other sides of the show. Still Sheryl and Alto where living together at the point of time, most Ranka fans where shitting on Kawamori before the final episode aired, since the "ending" was so obvious. The compare it to say a duel in an MMO... (been watching Sword Art, holla @ me Team Asuna) it was like a one sided contest had no winner because the servers went down before the final blow could be delivered. Yeah it was obvious who was winning but there was no notification... and hence no winner. Though I guess you could say the Movie was the rematch.... Game, Set, Match, Sheryl.

Shoutouts to BleachOD using my reverse jinx as a basis for why Ranka should've won on in this movie even though I've never seen either of the Frontier movies.
You may like to know that even Sheryl admitted that she lost during Klan Klan's private psychologist session with Alto in episode 23 (or was it 24? I cannot remember).
So, 1-1, 1 all, in their respective continuities.
Unless they make a third movie, I doubt we will ever know who won the final match. Then again Kawamori can troll us by making a fourth movie. And tell us to wait on the 40th Macross anniversary before telling us who really won.

But this is about the TV show on my part, so I am voluntary on having my post disappear in "Relentless Flame" when the admin comes. If my post violates, that is. *Just trying to get a point across to one guy*

I still want to fold a Ghost V9 to where Alto is by the end of the movie.

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