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Originally Posted by magnuskn View Post
What I am saying is that Ranka was mostly being rescued from her poor characterization from the series. Sheryl and Alto were front and center of the movie, because they were the romantic couple, Ranka was the rival ( and a pretty good one here, contrary to the series ).
But they weren't part of the final plot, which was centered on the war. Had they toned it down a bit, more information would've been conveyed and it wouldn't be such a big-bang ending.

I totally agree that the secondary characters should have had more screentime. I hope that new movie takes care of that.
We found a nice agreement.

It actually was, to the detriment of other aspects. But that is what happens with all Macross sequels, they focus on one element of the original SDFM and really push it over the top. Macross 7 was about music, Macross Plus about flying ( and music and romance... it was better balanced than the other sequels ), Macross Zero about... Kawamori smoking too much weed and Macross Frontier was about romance.
That's what I hate about Macross in this respect, for it differs from Gundam. The elements they choose to focus on usually get lost in the actual point behind making the series/movie/OVA. And in the end, that was my thoughts of M7 exactly.

BTW, I laughed at your comment about Zero. I thought the same thing when watching it. I was so lost in the point behind the actual story. It was supposed to be a prequel to SDFM and yet I saw no actual tie to it.

And yet MF is so popular... ironically, people often complain about the lack of action in it. I am one of those people who'd love to see more fights.

I think we can chalk up the different opinions about Sheryl and Ranka due to, well, differing taste.
You like tsundere characters, I don't. So I guess yes; that about works it out. But we share a common dislike for Alto's characteristics being changed. But I will say that I preferred Ranka's personality in the series, for she was more open and interactive versus the movies.

Originally Posted by karice67 View Post
Except that, in Japan, only Alto is ever referred to as the protagonist. The girls tend to be referred to as the two heroines. As far as I know, anyway.
Took the words out of my mouth, karice. After all, didn't we have that discussion on Alto's character subforum too? I can't believe people still say another character is the main.

Alto is the main character, the protagonist, and the hero. It is his story that we are viewing. And the movies downplay it to a point where a viewer would go "this is who's story again?" That is why I dislike it.

Originally Posted by Ozuma-Rii View Post
I still want to fold a Ghost V9 to where Alto is by the end of the movie.

You don't have to. For us AR fans, at least the ones really devoted like myself, he took a death nap at the end of the movie due to karma, having confessed to the wrong girl, and we'll never see him again. He got what he deserved for choosing the wrong path. We prefer TV!Alto. He was very different. Movie!Alto was a waste of screen time, as he had little development that truly shined through. Then he goes and scraps all of his development just to do a kabuki dance in the sky and create and Aquarion-centre-mixed-with-Zero crappy ending. What an epic fail. So you don't need a Ghost V-9 to take out Alto, he's already dead after the movie to AR fans. TV!Alto lives on.
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