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Originally Posted by LoveMeKags View Post
Alto is the main character, the protagonist, and the hero. It is his story that we are viewing. And the movies downplay it to a point where a viewer would go "this is who's story again?" That is why I dislike it.

You don't have to. For us AR fans, at least the ones really devoted like myself, he took a death nap at the end of the movie due to karma, having confessed to the wrong girl, and we'll never see him again. He got what he deserved for choosing the wrong path. We prefer TV!Alto. He was very different. Movie!Alto was a waste of screen time, as he had little development that truly shined through. Then he goes and scraps all of his development just to do a kabuki dance in the sky and create and Aquarion-centre-mixed-with-Zero crappy ending. What an epic fail. So you don't need a Ghost V-9 to take out Alto, he's already dead after the movie to AR fans. TV!Alto lives on.
After what you said, I suddenly felt like folding a whole Itano Circus to Alto. NOW.

"Alto, we decided to deliver you your birthday present!"
Alto: Am I going to be saved by Ranka?

*Witnesses Itano Circus and my Ghost V9*

I am sure he is dead now~
TV!Alto is pleased that his wussy counterpart is killed.
A death nap is too easy on him.
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