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Originally Posted by LoveMeKags View Post
I can't say much for the series polls, but the movie polls were inconsistent. I think a lot of people forgot about MF whilst waiting for the movies. Not many actually watched the movie that were originally dedicated to the series. So the polls for it are not overall popular, especially if you're looking for a review too.

This is a miscommunication between the character and the viewer. He admits that he would kill Ranka if it came down to choosing Frontier or Ranka. Alto is a very duty bound person. It would kill him inside to kill Ranka but as a soldier, he had to do what was right for all of Frontier. That is the cross of a warrior: to kill the one he loves.

But I disagree that Alto doesn't admit his love for Ranka in that scene, after all; he talks of how he came to join the S.M.S. just moments before and admits his feelings for her.
At least this proves that I did not screw my judgement...
This is also one of the character development points. Alto, torn between himself and his job as a pilot.
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