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Originally Posted by SkyDragon
Wow! really? Are there more than one version of the game? From what I heard from other forums, the ending of the game ended with Taka and Haruka together...[IMG]chrome://targetalert/content/skin/new.png[/IMG]

"I think Haruka and Takayuki are together and Mitsuki gives Haruka the ring."
The dynamics of the game are somewhat 'evolving' based upon the player's decision. In the game you can easily be with Haruka as much as you can Mitsuki, and even Akane. So you can see, it's all up to the players to decide their path, and ultimately, the destiny of Takayuki.

There are, however, two versions of is the full story that you saw somewhat evolve in the TV series, and then there's the Special Fan Disc that lets you explore the "what-if" scenarios of 'what if Haruka never was in the accident'.
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