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Yeah, I understand that. Also, to back up your point, if you notice she has taken down all her photoes of her and Takayuki leaving only the photo of her and her 3 friends.

Still, I find it a bit hard to believe, in the context of the show, that she would just 'give him up' in such a way. I believe she was being kind, that is true. I also believe she did it for the good of Takayuki. I don't however think that this means that she does not love him anymore or is not somehow still wanting to get together, deep down.

As far as I can see it, them getting together is a recipe for disaster. For all the time Haruka was with Takayuki, she was in love with him. It was out of this overwhelming love that she gave him up so he, not her, could be happy with Mitsuki. That was the ultimate selflessness.

If anything, their time apart was what made Haruka make the decision to stop them seeing each other - that 3 years was simply too much to bear. It was also a concession that Mitsuki has spent much more time with Takayuki, overall, for them to be in much competition.

However, the point of the book was that Haruka could say goodbye to her last, persistant friend. HER book, on the other hand, wishes for those friends to meet up once again, under the same circumstances in which they first gathered together. It seems something of a contradiction on her part.

In all, I find it difficult to believe she could ever be 'just friends' with Takayuki, despite all that's happened, and despite her desire to see them all together again. Throughout the entire series, Haruka carries a torch for Takayuki. Even in light of her letting him go, I still think this more out of love for him than anything to do with her wanting to get the friends together again at some point.
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