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Zero no Tsukaima Novels Discussion Thread

The focus of this thead is to fully discuss the Zero no Tsukaima novels.

-----Originally Posted by NeoSam-----

Zero no Tsukaima is based on a novel for young men (a seinen novel).

Zero no Tsukaima

Its based on a novel thats published under the seinen(young men's) label MF Bunko J.
For now there are 8 volumes released of this seinen novel, here are the covers:

A bigger images of the covers:

Genre: Seinen, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

Zero no Tsukaima is a seinen novel/anime.

MF Bunko J: anything published under this label is aimed at young men.
MF Bunko J = Media Factory Bunko J.

Yamaguchi Noboru

Author of Zero no Tsukaima light novel.

His site:

Old site:

All his works can be seen on his new site (links are available to the covers).

All his works are seinen(young men's) light novels, some light novels are published under the seinen light novel label Sneaker Bunko, other are published under the seinen light novel labels: Fujimi Fantasia Bunko and Fujimi Mystery Bunko, and of course Zero no Tsukaima light novel which is published under the seinen light novel label MF Bunko J.

-----Originally Posted by NeoSam-----
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