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Here's my try...

Originally Posted by Illusore View Post
If I could request a signature from this image:
Spoiler for Image.:

text: "I'm the Doctor." and below it in smaller letters "Doctor WHO?" with WHO in bigger font size...
sort of indented, almost layered effect, and both the texts low opacity...sort of see through. The second line lower opacity than the first.
BG doesn't matter.
Thank youuu to whoever does it. If it doesn't make sense I'll try to make it clearer...

Originally Posted by CaptnAwesomee View Post
I would like to request a Beatles signature with this picture.

with The Beatles logo somewhere. All effects are up to the artiest. Thank you in advance!

Originally Posted by Eragon View Post
Can someone make a sig with this pic,
Spoiler for Image:

pretty please.
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