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I miss Haruhi
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Got back from uni and i'm already through Velvet Kiss; i have to apologize to maxblaze, since i thought that "them having sex" was a spoiler but well... it's not like it was haha.

I've just finished chapter 17 and i'm currently enjoying it; this title got a very important trait for me: a girl with who you have a very good bond (meaning that she's got only eyes for you and with who you enjoy "any" kind of "things". It gives the feeling of "this girl is only for you" and i love that. This is the case with any title having the so common childhood friend that often turns to be the protagonist's love interest; this is also why i loved Kissxsis: Ako and Riko only had eyes for Keita, and he himself enjoys the love of his sisters. Just so you know, such thing was present in Haruhi Suzumiya aswell, since Haruhi actually had a strong bond only with Kyon... now that i notice it, the girl often isn't very social and the fact that you are the only one binding with her does it)

Anyways, while reading it, feel free to suggest anything similar to this one; i didn't think i could find something like this.

PS: Novels have a really low priority. So far, only Haruhi Suzumiya and Hidan no Aria novels interested me to the point of forcing me to read them.
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