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I miss Haruhi
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I just finished reading Velvet Kiss and i loved it; i mean, don't get me wrong, it's not like it had any kind of deep plot, but the amount of ecchiness(it was just 1% behind the line of hentai) did the job. I think i loved it because the girl reminded me of Aria (from Hidan no Aria, a novel i've read and liked very much) and the "romance" was satisfying. Awesome design i've gotta say really, but i wouldn't go further than that. I loved this title like i loved Kissxsis: they both have no deep plot, but they contain a monstrous amount of borderline hentai that makes up for it.

Now now, i bothered to click on the links Misaofan gave me, and now i fell into indecision: those titles are just too much appealing...
Gekkou: it probably got the most fitting protagonist for me; i'm aswell bored all day, waiting for something interesting happening, while exerting my cynical ego around haha.
Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria: holy shit, that is the same art design of Haruhi Suzumiya no Yutsuu... just looking at those pics, it brought me back memories of when i was reading Haruhi novel, and how much i was interested and delighted.

On the other side, i have a good list of mangas i'm willing to read:
Kagami no Kuni no Harisugawa
Nana to Kaoru
Koi wo Suru no ga Shigoto desu
Yuria 100 Shiki

I'll tell you from the start that i will read em all, with no exception, but i feel like reading one of those novels right now; they are just too much appealing. I don't know which title i should take, probably i'll go with Gekkou that is shorter, and then immerse myself in the world of Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria. In between i might get to read Oretama to chill out, since it seems to be a very funny title.

Sorry for not checking those titles before, i just went ahead with the thought "Cba to read things without images" and didn't even bother to check those links, but after having done i was captured.

Thank you for your suggestions, they are all very appreciated.

Forgot to mention that i updated the main post; for the ones always posting in here, there won't be any relevant changes (I just added what i've read)
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