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Got back from uni and i'm already through Velvet Kiss; i have to apologize to maxblaze, since i thought that "them having sex" was a spoiler but well... it's not like it was haha.

Anyways, while reading it, feel free to suggest anything similar to this one; i didn't think i could find something like this.

Well like i post earlier when you read the manga you will realize that having them sex is not a spoiler.

And I totally agree to you. That you cant find another similar to this one .

I read and keep reading similar genre (some from tolido's reccomendations other i just search it ) and i did enjoy those manga but so far i cant really find something that was similar to velvet kiss.

btw i recommend this manga Onani Master Kurosawa when i read the sypnosis ( i thought it just one of those generic perverted manga around) the art was not that great like velvet kiss otherwise The art is sketched, fitting in perfectly with the mood of the manga. Themain protagonist, Kurosawa, is a guy who cares nothing for interaction with others. He has no friends and has never fallen in love. He converses the minimal amount to simply maintain relations. we can simply put it that he thinks like kyon.
Once the plot picks up, you will find yourself always wanting to know what will happen next. The contents are never predictable, and every bit of it is believable. It controls your emotions like a puppet on strings. as the story moves on. it become more and more interesting it gives me a mix of emotion makes me laugh, angry, and sympathized. had an Epic TWIST .

As when you reach the real bulk of the story you will realize just what it has to offer.It is sweet
Spoiler for :
and inspiring.

Spoiler for the TWIST: -> don't forget to scroll down and read the reviews on the link if you want to find out what other people think about this one.

wooooooo I really love trimestral BREAK

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