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Finished Oretama and i loved it; it just became my favorite, even more than Velvet Kiss. For long i've seeked something that wasn't 100% hentai but had some little plot behind, even if light and funny, but i was never able to find anything like that: i either got a funny story where the guy never gets to do anything with the girl(not even kiss), or plotless hentais filled with blowjobs and what not. The closest thing was Kissxsis, because it had some little light and funny story and lots of sex content, yet not being an hentai. Oretama just had everything: a funny and light plot with a sexy romance in it and an abnormal amount of sex content(that went beyond just showing tits, but actually involved preliminaries and sex). I was also happy that the guy was honest and actually longed for sex (like any other fucking boy, holy shit), and not some super pure guy who doesn't want to have anything to do with the other sex. The main heroine was just too cute, and she was also the female character i desired: a girl who only is for you, who doesn't want anyone else, who is jealous of you and that even plays some sexy games with you (when she controlled the protagonist to get touched & stuff). I've found a title that even surpasses Kissxsis on my list, thank you for suggesting it; if you find anything similar to this, don't hold back.

As far as the other titles are concerned, Sore ga kanojo no seigi nara was already on the list to read(got a .txt file with titles in it), but i hadn't updated my first post(will do so)

I'll also make sure to check out mama wa doukyuusei since it's that way.

Kimiiro Focus doesn't look really that interesting; i get that it surely contains lots of ecchi, but beside that i tend to look at it more like "pervert taking photos of hottie" but in a legal way. Let me know if it is interesting and provoking or if it just gets boring.

Bousou Shojo might instead just get irritating; i mean, lately i've been reading titles like Velvet Kiss and Oretama that were the most satisfying things i've ever came across, and if i were presented with a title where the boy is getting a monstrous hard time to get to his beloved one, and only manage to get a kiss after 100 chapters, then it's gonna be a bit frustrating. If it isn't like that, then just say "It's not like that": do not add anything else, do not say anything that could make me deduce something.

Yesterday i started Yuria 100 Shiki, and i've to say that i'm loving it, haha; i just finished chapter 30 and i was dying of laughter, really, even tears came out (the fishing with dick) haha. It was a long time i was looking for titles like this and Oretama: titles that had some plot, were funny, weren't short(hentais are indeed very short) and had a good amount of sex content, that went beyond kissing or holding hands and actually had some petting or H scenes. Feel free to suggest more of this genre.

PS: This title is probably going to be my favorite: it has the things that Oretama had, but it's way funnier, in my opinion. Oretama was more about sex and exciting, so there wasn't much space left to laugh, but here the amount of misunderstandings, people getting arrested(lolmao @ doctor), embarrassing situations and so on just makes laughing unavoidable. Success

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