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this is how its done
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haha i knew you would like yuria 100 shiki my favorite part is when that guy put his dick in the noodle cup then his mom entered the room lol.seriously these types of manga are very rare bosou shojo has the same type of stuff but its kind of repetitive but still funny. I don't if you checked to love ru darkness but it's waaay better than the original manga.

Seems like my suggestions have been successful but it’s mainly because you and I share similar tastes with slight differences. sometimes in order to find a good manga you have to look beyond what the description the source provides because it can either be misleading or very boring. that’s why I want you to give those other titles that I suggested like GTO,BTOOM(there is no virtual reality bs),etrnal Sabbath, wolf guy:wolfen crest a shot. sure these titles may not fit very one of your requirements but neither did aku no hana but you still liked it. While you are busy with those and the other manga I will try to find more special titles like onani and oretama then share it with you in the future.

P.S looks like you forgot to add DMW on your manga list. I’ll tell you what I think about Kimiiro Focus On friday since I didn’t have time to read it yesterday
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