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If you make an argument, and I say it does not apply because you are a poopy head, I think you'd agree my argument is poor. The fallacy for that is "ad hominem" which essentially means I ignored your argument totally in favor of a personal attack. Fallacies are just fancy names and explanations given to concepts that you already know are bad to use in a debate/argument/discussion/etc. Without them, I could dismiss all your arguments by calling you names, as could everyone else. And if that was the case, how would we ever discuss anything?
The rules of debate still exist without having to resort to using such obscure labels. If you happen to stop using terms like "ad hominem" or "strawman" within a discussion, that still doesn't mean that it's okay to call people names. There are rules that exist above such petty labels. At the very least, before throwing around that kind of jargon around, you have to be sure that the other person would know exactly what it means.

I personally like to draw a distinction between a debate and a discussion. A debate consists of two sides to an issue where one side wins and the other loses while a discussion allows more room for compromise. But I guess that's just me being weird and pedantic.

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Lastly, I am going to link to an amusing short story that I encourage people to read, as it addresses fallacies and arguments, as a matter of learning how to think. It's called Love is a Fallacy and details a smart guy who tries to teach an air-headed girl to think using the fallacies (which are an offshoot of logic)... and she starts to learn a bit too well, heh.
Oh, I remember this story from one of my past classes. A fairly amusing one, I'd say.
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