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@ hoki

Saying that Nanoha does not any character development in the movie is, in my opinion, something of a stretch
Actually, I still can.

First of all, since this is the comparison thread, we can compare to the TV series. Nanoha's family might have shown up, but if they did, it was only so fast that it was "blink and you miss it".

In Canon, when Nanoha is rushing out to find Yuuno, we see Shiro in the bath with scars, oh my god, those scars, all over his body. It makes you go "how does someone who's a normal father have those scars?". Later on, we get a bit more with Shiro apologizing to Momoko and saying that he won't do that stuff anymore. Again, makes you wonder what was going on.

THEN we find out from Nanoha that Shiro got badly injured and almost died, leaving her to be neglected badly by her family, thus she developed a sense of personality to become more mature and self-reliant so that her family wouldn't worry about her.

However, with that revealed, she also reveals WHY she wanted to help Fate, she knows the pain of being alone with no one there to help you, so she doesn't want anyone to go through what she did, of being alone and having no one there for her. That's why Fate's sad eyes drew her in in canon. That wasn't the case in the movie.

In the final episode before Fate showed up, Nanoha ignores the sensation of a Jewel Seed nearbye, thinking it's probably just her imagination and she should just relax. Then the tree happens and she realizes that if she hadn't ignored the situation and hadn't tried to relax, she could have stopped it from getting out of hand. Thus, she vows to work even harder, to go beyond her best, to keep those sad moments from happening.

Without the tree incident, then that aspect of her personality is also diminished heavily.

Another factor to Nanoha's development is the first time she met Arisa and Suzuka and how Arisa was picking on Suzuka. Nanoha then jumped in and started beating up Arisa, who fought back. After they calmed down and talked, they quickly became friends, thus Nanoha learned that sometimes you have to fight to make people stop doing painful things, but it helps to talk about that as well.

Again, that wasn't in the movie, so that aspect gets hurt as well.

Those three things, for being removed or heavily altered, hurts Nanoha's development badly. You can easily fill in the holes in your mind if you've seen the show, but, unfortunately, it doesn't work if you haven't.

Kaijo has pointed out that people who haven't seen Nanoha (the series) wonder why Nanoha is so mature, so he has to have them watch the series just so they can understand the why from the movie.

And, because of that, the movie falls flat on its face.

Along with the Raising Heart pre-installed modes and not one line to fix that plot hole about why Yuuno couldn't use it and Nanoha could even though he gave her the password to activate Raising Heart.

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