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Originally Posted by Kanon View Post
Okabe hypothesized the time machine being destroyed is a convergence point. This is most likely right. It's the same as the time with Mayuri. Every time he tries to do something different, the world will change things up so the result will be the same. Neither Leskinen, Reyes, nor Kagari were on the rooftop at this time last time.
Yeah. Hence why I rewatched that part. And it doesn't seem they are THAT much early. It all depends on how much if at all early Okabe arrived at the Radio building. He doesn't seem to have. In the normal course of events once he arrives, he argues with them a bit, gets grazed, bandaged and then as Suzuha is walking back NINJA HELICOPTER DROP happens. So they are early like 15 minutes or something.
Still I wonder what made the professor move up the plan. Because of that Hayes SOMEHOW gets on the roof.

Originally Posted by Kanon View Post
Okabe managed to escape for the same reasons he managed to escape from the Rounders hundreds of times in Steins;Gate.
Ehh, there most of the time he wasn't running from them. IN fact I'd say that the most of the Mayushi's deaths were from NON Rounder reasons. Her just dying because it's a fixed point or something.
Back then Hyouin getting away was kinda more reasonable since the attacks happen with the time leap machine there, and him being ale to get away in the confusion.
Here Leskin seemed like he had control of the situation, and had noone to stop STRATFOR from nabbing him. He certainly would have needed to go PAST the professor and Okarin very much should be a person of interest. Him and his crew actually. So them being able to go on working for day or so on a time machine unmolested is a bit maybe much...

Originally Posted by Kanon View Post
Looks like we won't get a repeat of Steins;Gate, given the after credit scene. Looks like the time leap machine malfunctioned this time. No sure what the hell will happen to Okabe, and we won't find out for another two weeks as episode 20 has been delayed.
Well, looks to me like he got back, but yeah something definitely broke. Wonder what. Any damage down stream to the time machine really shouldn't affect it's state up stream.
I wonder if Leskin maybe not getting injured might affect what happens with Amadeus?
But given that Okabe got grazed somehow again...

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