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Originally Posted by 4th Dimension View Post
Still I wonder what made the professor move up the plan. Because of that Hayes SOMEHOW gets on the roof.
Okabe telling Daru and Maho to track down Amadeus, most likely. Remember that he did something to Amadeus shortly before the plan went into motion. If he suddenly lost access to her early, he likely thought someone was on to him and stepped up the plan.

Okabe likely would've figured that out given enough tries, which I'm guessing is the meta reason for breaking his leap this time.

Originally Posted by 4th Dimension View Post
Back then Hyouin getting away was kinda more reasonable since the attacks happen with the time leap machine there, and him being ale to get away in the confusion.
There were plenty of times when Mayuri was killed far away from the lab by the Rounders (on the street when hit by the car, in the car when they just walked up and popped her in the head, etc). They always just let him run despite knowing what he had in the lab.
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