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OMFG. It's so about time...

It's been about 11 months since I've first seen and become obsessed with FSN. I've finally had a FSN dream. I think the catalyst is that I woke up in the middle of the night, got inspired and scripted a new scene that I'm particularly proud of in my FSN fan manga, then immediately fell back to sleep.

This dream has nothing to do with my fan manga, btw. This dream is by itself and is quite corny. I'd never draw something like this:

I think Saber was kinda depressed over something or other. I think, she thought that nobody would remember her knights and her kingdom in history, because it was a failed kingdom, and she blames that on herself.

So to cheer her up, Shirou took her out to see all the examples of how Camelot and the Knights of the Round Table were remembered and revered in classic literature and in popular culture, albeit with her remembered as a man (but she didn't mind that little inaccuracy). He took her to the library, to bookstores (lol I guess he has no intern3t, or he just wanted an excuse for a date), to the mall, even to a toy store.

Let's see... they were getting trayed lunches at a shopping mall food court. Shirou brings over a pair of miniature plastic shields and swords. He puts a plastic King Arthur mask on himself. "En garde," he said (I think), and started play-fighting with showy Hollywood sword moves. At first Saber is just blocking with 1 hand. Then she started laughing. But Shirou chose to drop his guard and take the lunch trays from the counter at the exact time Saber got serious in the play-fight... bad move... Saber gripped the sword with both hands and performed a classic power-swing in armoured swordfighting (I participated in the Society of Creative Anachronism). Shirou turned around and her sword hit the trays, and the food went flying to the floor (I didn't see if the food hit anybody). I think Saber just kinda stopped, dropped her hands, and stared at the food for a moment.

That's the end of the short dream. ^_^

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