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To paraphrase, the novels exist to provide additional information and weightier material to the canon storyline, or at least touch on more scenes that were absent in the anime adaptation, if memory serves me right. There has been quite a few who were interested in the novels and is looking to get them translated because of this factor alone, but that was a year ago, and there hasn't been any news of the novels ever since then, at least until now.

Unless there are other novels in existence, then this collection should be the one I'm referring to. (And if someone would like to correct me in this aspect, please do. )

It looks like Tak called it after all. It seems he's got some gloating sessions to look forward to considering how no one took his enraged pleas about Alto and Sheryl's smexy time seriously after the episode had aired.

With that said, I-I don't think I've managed to recover yet from the sheer fangirliness of that vol 4 scene. It's certainly a treat and I think I just fell a little in love with them all over again. The aftermath and how they just couldn't keep up the subtle mood without breaking into a catfight, it's just so them and it's exactly how I've figured it to play out if they ever did the deed. That was hilarious and adorable.

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