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Hm... Also, I think... This is kind of weird and out of left field, but what if 07 wrote EPs 5 and 6 to show us what "can go wrong" for the culprit? I remember one big thing that bugged me when Lambdadelta took over being GM was that the scribbles were crappily drawn (well, not her words exactly, but they weren't skillfully done). Of course, the survivors of the first twilight didn't notice (and Maria is gone so she wouldn't know). But, maybe that's a sign that the culprit is doing the scribbles, but the culprit doesn't fully know them in EPs 5 and 6?

Also, another thought I had was something along the lines of "If Rosa doesn't die WITH Maria, i.e. if Rosa dies and Maria doesn't or they're both alive, then the second twilight becomes possible for two people to die." In EP1, Rosa dies without Maria and a two person 2nd happens. Rosa and Maria are alive EP2 and a two person second twilight happens. Maria and Rosa are the second twilight victims in EP3. EP4, Rosa dies without Maria and a two person twilight happens. EP5, Rosa dies with Maria and a one person second twilight happens. EP6 Both die and a one person second twilight happens.

Maybe somehow a conjunction of Rosa and Maria somehow facilitate a two person second twilight? Maybe this is just a false lead...

I supposed in EP7 or EP8, Maria is going to die (lol Going to died, sorry) first twilight WITHOUT Rosa, and something crazy will happen then. Like GAME BREAKING.
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