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Originally Posted by Oliver View Post
There's actually two patterns, possibly with very different planners.

Pattern 1: Take whoever happens close by, drugging them. (Ep1, Ep2)
Pattern 2: Convince a group to play dead of their own volition. (Ep3, Ep5)

Ep4 is uncertain because it's unclear what happened there at all.
We have no proof that a whole group volunteers fake being dead. Only one person needs to do it voluntarily in episode 3 and none in episode 5. We also cannot be sure if anyone is just nabbed and drugged in episodes 1 and 2. They could have just as easily volunteered. So, no there is not one pattern to detect how the first twilight is done.
I also don't see how preciously planning equates to nabbing the closest six people and hoping no one else sees you doing it.
I'm just playing devil's advocate because I do think there is a plan but not much of a pattern. The only one who would ever fake their death would be the mastermind and his/her accomplices to giving credence to the epitaph. The rest are drugged. As for how the culprit usually doesn't get 7 or 5, it must be luck.

I think I have 4 pegged. Everyone aside from the children were to assemble in a meeting in which Kinzo would be present. 'Beatrice' reveals that she has found the gold and will show everyone where it is after they help her do something. She sends Gohda and Kumasawa to the children to tell them a story about a witch. She has people fake dead to fool the children and tells them to take a drug to make them seem more dead. Unfortunately, she kills them in their unconscious state. Maria took this drug also, but she overdosed.

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