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What seems strange to me is this season could be the last. Several points of interest. From the japanese forums - there is no K-On Season 3 so it will be ending. From Anime News Network, TBS just sold over $20 million dollars ( US ) in the past three months from K-ON merchandise a lone ( not DVD sells.) The K-ON ending and opening music selling like hotcakes in Japan. Blu- Rays and DVDs of the series are in the top 10 every week. This doesn't make sense to me. K-on is a money making machine and they will end it with only 2 seasons because the manga ended? I'm not sure if there is a different between Japan and American when it comes to series. If a series had this much success in the US, you can guarantee a third and fouth season without blinking an eye. I guess this is the difference in our culture.
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