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There are already alot of advance markers dropped for a continuation :

1. All the girls are going to the same JWU
2. Sogabe (the first seitokai) is going to JWU too.
3. The university the girls are going to is another all-girls setting.

The only thing is the mangaka. It would depend on the artist whether to continue or not. I wouldn't say I am confident......K-ON sounds like the artist's one shot to me that became incredibly successful due to cuteness and character depth.

Even though it simply took all the female stereotypes from the manga/anime world and chunked them all together. Namely airhead, bijin, tomboy, rich girl, megane seitokai, loli and yamato nadeshiko*.

* - From another POV (aka hidden traits), it would be genius, uke, seme, lesbian, disciplinarian, tsundere and yandere respectively.

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And to think that I'll be graduating from high school in two months time..
Please don't screw up your GCE 'A' Levels. It would add a small bitter aftertaste to your highschool memories.

When three puppygirls named after pastries are on top of each other, it is called Eclair a'la menthe et Biscotti aux fraises avec beaucoup de Ricotta sur le dessus.
Most of all, you have to be disciplined and you have to save, even if you hate our current financial system. Because if you don't save, then you're guaranteed to end up with nothing.
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